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Tout Est Possible!

Is reconciliation possible?

I first heard about Tout Est Possible from an Anglophone in New Brunswick. With a heart for French English reconciliation, this mighty intercessor traveled up to Quebec City for one of the first Tout Est Possible gatherings in Canada. I knew I had to follow suit if given the chance.

Although I understood hardly any French, I felt it was important to join my French Canadian brothers and sisters in their desire to see healing and reconciliation within French speaking Canada. I was able to follow along to the worship songs, due to familiar tunes, and I was blessed by the help of my first French Catholic friend, who lived not far from Ottawa.

Another friend was kind enough to translate for myself and a handful of Anglophones, who had come to witness the corporate repentance, prayers, worship and love shared between our French family of diverse denominations. Those who had gathered represented the charismatic Catholic community, well known French healing evangelists and Protestant evangelicals, specific intercessors and the French speaking First Nations community.

After many hours of pouring out, some of the team ended the night with a burger at the most unique burger joint in town! I tagged along for the ride and thoroughly enjoyed the hearty experience. Life is never boring when in the presence of fiery French believers, and they brought that passion right into the restaurant, where we indulged in our very first stuffed burgers. The Syrian server was so blessed by everyones joy at this late hour, that he gave us a chocolate pizza on the house. His friend told us he was a DJ and as we laughed and ate, we convinced him to share his music with us. It had been a night to remember! #blessed


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