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It's Time for Toronto!

What an amazing way to start my time in Canada. At a global missions conference in Toronto! Getting a crash course on the revival history of Catch the Fire through men and women who were part of the initial outpouring in 1994 #homecoming #convergence

"It was a prayer of impartation from Claudio Freidzon, a leader in the Argentinian revival, that changed everything for us. When we heard Randy Clark had also been touched by the Holy Spirit, we asked him to speak at our church...His first meeting on January 20th was a day that would go down in history. Randy shared his testimony, telling how the Holy Spirit had taken him from deep discouragement and replaced his hunger with fire. When he invited our little Thursday night group to receive more, heaven opened and glory came down. We were all changed that night!...When we first decided to give our mornings to the Lord in 1992, we had no clue it would lead us into a revival in Toronto that would endure for decades to come. We were just following His call to fall in love with Him." p31 The Invitation


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