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North Battleford

For Such A Time As This

I had flown in to Saskatoon and was met by my friend from the Quebec House of Prayer, who grew up in North Battleford! As we drove into the sunset, passed fields of hay, I was delighted to see my first flock of geese flying victoriously in the V-shape formation ahead of us. The song Revival Town started playing in my head. I had heard about the North Battleford gathering my first week in Canada, at CTF Toronto.

Right then I had known I had to come. This was one of Canada's "wells of revival." I couldn't miss being part of history! I was in Canada for such a time as this! Intercessors had flown in from all over the country to pray. The same kind of crazy as me. And seriously, we were crazy! Who would travel to the crime capital of Canada, at the beginning of winter, for a ten day gathering that had no real structure? Well, me... and several hundred others, who were following the leading of the Wild Goose.

Quebec Flag

And why? Because God had called us to Battle for the soul of Canada! For many this was a sacrifice of time and finances. Most conferences are over a week or a weekend, but this was 10 days long! And it wasn't a typical conference. There were no organized speakers, just a spirit-lead committee who waited on God to see what He wanted to do next, be it public repentance; honoring a specific tribe or ethnic group; a lengthened time of worship or prayer for healing; a time of testimonies or a time of being still before the Lord. With the days starting at ten in the morning and usually ending near midnight, I am so thankful for the hospitality of a wonderful couple from North Battleford, who housed me, and even picked me up late at night, at the end of a long and meaningful day.

During The Latter Rain Revival "people were drawn to an old dilapidated World War II hanger in an obscure location in subzero weather. There was no heater, only an old cook stove" (Canadian Mantles of Revival, p71). It may have been cold in Saskatchewan, but I sure was glad we were here in the age of central heating! It's amazing what one is willing to give up when God is moving in a place, and back then they had "no media coverage. Yet still people came from all over Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Scandinavia, the British Isles, and India" (p71). Situated amidst several First Nations reservations, I was blessed by the experience I had here, as believers sought to heal and reconcile with the pain of the past.

Other than Montreal, this was my first interaction with the First Nations communities. It was a wonderful introduction, a truly humble and honoring setting. North Battleford was where the largest public mass hanging of native chiefs took place back in 1885, and even the children were forced to watch. A huge part of why this gathering had been called was to address the sins of our forefathers. We were here to spend time in public repentance for: the taking of land, the breaking of treaties and the First Nations residential schools (the forceful and permanent removal of children from their families and homes). We would not turn a blind eye to these atrocities! We were back to reclaim the land for the purposes of God, not the deceitful purposes of hypocritical Christianity. One First Nations couple opened the gathering with a prayer filled welcome. Their family had literally raised a substantial herd of cattle on this land before they were forced north. Significantly, the local MP for the area was also a believer and prayed with authority over the gathering, from her position in government.

It was amazing to be witness to true repentance and forgiveness on both sides; the hunger and humility, coupled with honesty and honour. As one leader shared, Forgiveness brings you from negative to zero, but when you are able to bless your "enemy", this is when you really enter a realm of supernatural victory!

There is a new sound in Canada and it is a cry for war! It is the sound of the "church coming out of exile" (Cindy Jacobs) and it is the sound of HOPE rising across the land.

It is - A Battle Song! Can you hear it...

The joyful songs I now sing will be sung again in the hearts and homes of all your lovers. My loud shouts of victory will echo throughout the land (of Canada). For Yahweh’s right hand conquers valiantly! Psalm 116:15 TPT

1948 was a significant year in history. Not only was it the year that Israel was founded as an independent state and Newfoundland became the last province of Canada, but it was the year that God started moving in the middle of "no-where" Canada, in a small town in Saskatchewan. What He did literally impacted the world. Listening to first hand accounts from believers, now in their 80's and 90's is truly part of the generational turning of Malachi 4:6!

"Many speculated that the Heavenly Choir was the angels joining in. Singing in tongues was frequent, and it was common for individuals visiting from a foreign land to hear glorious praise in their mother tongue - from someone who had no knowledge of the language."

"The revival continued into the 1950s with William Branham and Oral Roberts leading the movement and spreading it internationally. Today, although still highly controversial, it remains the roots of much of the current Charismatic Movement" (p74).

A little book that changed the world!

It all started with hunger, fasting and relentless prayer. Influenced by a book entitled, Atomic Prayer and Fasting, the staff and students of Sharon Bible School set their hearts to pray and fast until God "flooded the school with His power, His presence, and His glory" (p71).

70 years later, here we were, hungry for God to move again. The Stand on Guard committee were such an example of humility and team work. It is always so special to be part of a gathering where the leadership is open to what God wants to do, laying down their personal agendas.

Cindy Jacobs prophecied that the Canadian church is coming out of exile, that Canadians are becoming peacemakers vs peacekeepers, and that there is HOPE rising in the land!

In 2016, when I was in Zimbabwe, God lead me to a Nazarite fast through a dream. When I prayed about how to apply Numbers 6 to my own life... I listened to the teaching, Nazarite DNA. Nazarites were not born as priests, but they voluntarily chose to be set apart for priestly purposes. As I prayed about what I should fast, it became clear to me that I was to fast TV for 40 days, including my weekly addiction, NCIS Los Angeles. In a generation were social media dominates our culture, it seemed so fitting that this was what God asked me to give up. And now here, in North Battleford, Lou challenged us all to continue in prayer and fasting.

Could I do a 40 day fast on just water? Maybe,...if God leads me. When I first started to fast occasionally as a teen, my grandmother used to ask me if I was on a "starvation diet." I am probably the most prolific eater in my family and it was extremely unusual for my unsaved family to see me go without food. Undeterred, I continued in my strange habit. It's amazing what a natural hunger can do for your spiritual life! In all honesty, a 40 day fast totally intimidates me. It's one thing to do a 21 day Daniel fast, but quite another to give up food altogether, but God! If God calls, then God sustains. Fasting is less about giving up food, as it is about positioning your heart towards God for what He wants to do in and through you. I'm not sure when I will be lead to this type of fast, but I pray I am ready and willing.

Lou Engle praying for the grace to fast

One afternoon, I joined my new found prayer friends from the Maritimes on a prayer adventure in search of Sharon School, where the 1948 revival took place. In unity, we joined hands and prayed for God to do what only He can do, and for the transformation of Canada.

Praying on the bridge in the freezing snow - crazy Canadian!

Three Generations!

During one of our prayer times, these two wonderful ladies came and joined me as we asked the Father to turn the hearts of the children to the fathers and the fathers to the children. Representing three generations (30's, 60's and 90's), I was delighted to find a "kindred spirit" in the room, another prophetic artist. Not only are Susan's paintings meticulously detailed and beautiful, but they were prayerfully created after she took an inspirational intercessory trip across part of Canada.

God is moving in Canada and we are believing for a great spiritual harvest in the land. Join the Battle For Canada and be part of what God is doing in the nation!

Lois Riel dug a stake in the ground here on the edge of the Canadian territories, where two thirds of the land were divided up. We were here to put our spiritual stake in the ground for the soul of the nation. Intercessors stand in the gap for people and places, and as a 3 month old "Quebecer" I took my post as a watchman in this season for the "heart of Canada", waving the Quebec flag and praying for the salvation of the prodigal province. My prayer: Quebec - come home. Come home to the Father. It's time!

So, how do you write a blog post and do justice to an historic ten day gathering in Canada? You don't. Words can never suffice to express the experience we shared that week. As Morris, a man who was part of the literal 1948 revival said, "Reality is not then and there and they and them; it's here and now and you and me."

Will you take your place as a watchman in this hour and battle for Canada?


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