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From the Rivers to the Ends of the Earth

I met Marney before I even arrived in Canada! Curious about the prophetic destiny of Canada, I was delighted to find out that not only was there a film on the destiny of Canada, but that she was the producer. So thankful for Divine appointments, especially in Jerusalem!

I had just arrived in Israel for the first time, and had found a prayer room close to the hostel where I was staying. Having just left my home of over a decade, I was asking a few very specific questions as I started my journey "home" - What is the destiny of Canada and what did it mean to be Canadian? Providence was at work and I was deeply encouraged to know that God was full of surprises and guiding my steps.

So wonderful to reconnect, a couple years later, literally the week after I met my dad for the first time in over twenty years, at her home church in Toronto. God is working in Israel and it is exciting to hear what He is doing!

Currently a journalist in Israel, Marney covers some of the unique stories that never get told on mainstream media. The first Christian journalist to officially be invited by the Israeli government to live and work in the Holy Land, she has a unique perspective as a Canadian on the frontlines in the Middle East. But, why is Israel important anyway?

During my time in Toronto, I connected with a wonderful Messianic congregation, City of David. Not only was this the first congregation I visited, but it was also relationally providential. Some of the worship team were South African Jews and a couple of the members had even been on a medical outreach with Jewish Voice to work with our Jewish tribe, the Lemba people, in Zimbabwe. I loved joining them for the Hebrew feasts, an all night prayer meeting over Shavuot, their weekly Shabbat services and family style onegs. Exemplifying the diversity of Toronto, their congregation shares the light of Yeshua in very practical ways, even amidst some persecution from other Jews.

Join me in praying for the Jews of Toronto and throughout Canada. Baruch HaShem!


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