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Film Festivals!!!

An amateur film maker and lover of real life stories, I arrived in Toronto just in time for one of their many film festivals. The Jewish Film Festival was a real treat and the movies were very moving. I was truly able to connect with the saying of one of the Jewish ladies in attendance at one of the showings, “There’s nothing quite like SHOAH business.” So many movies, provocative story lines and heroic tales from one of the greatest tragedies of this past century, the Holocaust. I cried many tears amidst sighs of hope and moments of laughter.

Here's a taste of the shows I got to watch:

I finished my documentary binge with the Hot Docs Festival. Watching Commander Arian, a documentary on the Kurdish Women Resistance against ISIS. It was a reminder of my call to fight for freedom. But maybe the freedom I’m seeking is best fought on my knees. The battle is ultimately won in the heavens, but these women are some of the bravest I've ever seen!

With a desire to pursue documentary film making in the future, and an interest in conflict resolution and international peace-building, I would love to cover some of the great stories of conscience, forgiveness and sacrificial love, no matter how gutt-wrenching and tear jerking.

I heard Toronto is where the money is? It sure is renowned for the annual Toronto International Film Festival, and has one theatre completely devoted to just docs! But does anyone know about grants and funding for the untold stories of faith and community healing taking place around the globe? Let me know if you do! Miracles are happening all around us!


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