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Canada Day!

Canada Day in Ottawa! What a way to end Canada 150 and start the new Canadian year!

While all the residents of Ottawa were fainting in the heat wave, I indulged in the moment, and took advantage of the missing crowds, getting front row viewing of the noon day show. The humidity and heat were bliss to my African bones and a warm welcome to my new home.

Sophie Trudeau welcoming Canada

So thankful for the warm hospitality of friends of my mom, who she had met over 40 years ago when she was working in Switzerland. Amazing to be in touch all this time and now in Ottawa!

I guess most Ottawans try hit the evening show, but I was determined to see as much of what the city had on offer as possible. I stopped for lunch at the park, visited the history museum across the bridge and ended the day watching the fireworks from Gatinau. What a great city!

The city was so alive! The streets were shut off for all the festivities and the public transport was free into the early hours of the morning. If you haven't been to Ottawa for Canada Day, it is well worth the visit! This city is just beautiful! I have to come back.


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