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Breakthrough Toronto!

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Amazing gift to be able to attend Breakthrough Toronto with Cindy Jacobs. I was so sad to have missed her in Africa, but God had a surprise. She came straight to Toronto the week after! Prophetic activation, inspiring testimonies, powerful worship, special conversations...

In 1997 and 2001, Cindy Jacobs gave a prophecy over Zimbabwe. These prophecies were widely spread throughout Christian platforms and through diverse prayer groups. With the recent shift in the nation, she traveled to Zimbabwe, for the first time in decades, just as I was leaving for Canada. Meeting with church leaders and intercessors in the nation, she shared another word for the hour. "If My people, who are called by My name will..."

Her initial prophecy for Zimbabwe was the first prophecy I had ever printed out. As a new believer, just a teen then, I stuck it to the back of my door, as a prayer point and reminder of what God wanted to do in Zimbabwe. As my nation was about to shift into chaos and decline, her words proclaimed a bright future of hope and restoration. Like Jeremiah, who gave a prophecy about the return of the Babylonian exiles some 70 years before their return, we wondered how long... how long until the restoration of our beloved land?

Could Zimbabwe reconcile?

As conversations and prayer meetings continued across the country in the light of the recent political transition, we dared to hope...

Yet, at such a pivotal time in Zimbabwe's history, I was on a plane to my new home, Canada? How could I miss Cindy Jacob's visit to Zimbabwe? God?

Little did I know that the lady who had traveled with her to Zimbabwe was a pastor in Toronto and that a few weeks later, she would make a way for me to be at their first international Breakthrough event, here in Canada.

It was such a gift, to sit under some very personal teaching, hear from Cindy's life experience and meet her in person. Her month long devotional on breakthrough played a very important part in my journey and process here in Canada. #sothankful


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