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houses of prayer

"my house shall be called a house of prayer"

Matthew 21:13

we started our little prayer meetings... with the primary mandate of praying for Canada and revival...

Eastgate House of Prayer, New Brunswick

I couldn't believe that the painting was with a prayer person kneeling...gods house will be a house of prayer... we're here now... the glory of the lord is coming out...

this is what the lord's heart is for us.

House of Prayer, Prince Edward Island

We sing to god and adore him with music and song, as well as spoken prayer... in this way we can enjoy and sustain prayer. its intensely personal and also corporate and we invite others to join their prayers with ours.

Quebec House of Prayer, Sherbrooke

our focus is throne room. we are a worship

based house of prayer and our goal is to enthrone the king; to welcome the king

in this place and provide a resting

place for his presence.

Zion House of Prayer, Montreal

join us by being part of a field team.

we are trusting for 100 field teams across Canada to pray for our federal and provincial governments. 

National House of Prayer, Ottawa

we kind of fuse two beautiful prayer streams, IHOP and 24-7...we think of ourselves as an urban monastery... a good model to be followers of Jesus... in community and prayer


Greater Ontario House of Prayer, Hamilton

we send out a scripture earlier in the week... when we gather together we start with corporate worship... use the harp and bowl model...we focus on the justice that Jesus will bring...

North Bay House of Prayer, Ontario

we believe that god can transform a city,

an area and a nation when we pray. we're believing that god's dreams for thunder bay will come to pass.

Thunder Bay House of Prayer, Ontario

we were small... we had tonnes of zeal, lots of passion and not a whole lot of wisdom... we have a little more of that now... we knew we were doing something God called us to and the rest is history.

Sanctuary House of Prayer, Winnipeg

prayer is not what we do... it is who we are.

we are lovers of god... we love him because he first loved us and then we love others with that same love...

River House of Prayer, Regina

we do something that is quite unique to EHOP. we call it devotional prayer. we unite ourselves around a particular passage and pray through it on a personal level...

House of Prayer Edmonton, Alberta

we bring prayer and missions together...

the more you open up your heart to god,

it will always lead you to loving people more... suddenly you need to go...

Global Prayer House, Medicine Hat

the fire must be kept burning on the altar... it must not go out... we know god has spoken loudly that this house of prayer is for Israel, the nations and generations... we serve as watchmen on the walls... 

David House of Prayer, Victoria

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